Dankesbrief von Ishan

Neuer Schüler: Ishan (2.v.r)

Nachdem unser neuer Student Ishan über unsere Managerin das Fahrrad erhalten hat, schrieb er uns diesen Brief:

Dear Madam, Firstly I would thank you a lot for your grate help to complete my study. After Advance level I thought I will have to stop my study’s, because of our priority, but Nalini Miss and your kind represent I can complete my higher education well. Accutaly you two are like such a gods ,madam. As well as going to town and my classes that had to pass long distance by walk in past, it was a time waste for me as a student. With the bicycle which you brought for me I could save more time so I can use it on my study or work. aging I’m thanking you for your kind helps. One day after my study’s and when I get a better financial situation , I wish to help cleaver poor students. I wish success in your whole life and wish to get more encourage to do such a like this heaven works. yours faithfully, Ishan


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